Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Parables Community welcomes all people in worship and fellowship, with an emphasis on creating a community of belonging and empowerment for children and adults with special needs and their families. We believe that all people are made in the image of God with gifts to share for the good of all.

Special Needs

At Parables, children and adults with special needs are free to speak out, sing out, make noise, move, or dance during worship. We open the social norms for worship and welcome families to come as they are. Parables is a “no shushing” zone where all of God’s people can celebrate together with a joyful noise.

Parables provides an environment for worship sensitive to those with special needs. This includes multi-sensory learning, visual aids for non-readers, and a quiet space for those who need to remove themselves from being over stimulated.

Families with special needs have special blessings and special challenges. Parables is a supportive community in which to share with others and be understood.

Special Gifts

The Parables Community is not just a ministry for those with special needs and their families but a ministry of those with special needs and their families. Children and adults with special needs can serve as greeters, readers, singers, rhythm band music-makers, prayer leaders – whatever their gifts are, they are needed and welcomed!

People with special needs can be teachers who change our perspective and help us see things differently. Sometimes they turn things upside-down, just like Jesus did with his parables.

All people have gifts to share and a desire to help others. Using our gifts for the good of all is an important part of Parables Community.

Our Core Values

We All Belong

We value and honor all people as a part of the Body of Christ, each part working together for the good of the whole.

We All Have Hope

We recognize that we are all complete in the present and will all be more fully whole in the future of God’s Reign. We celebrate together in thanksgiving and hope.

We Are All Ministers

Each person is uniquely gifted and has important contributions to make to the community and to the world. We are all called to contribute to God’s Reign of love, justice, and peace.

Our Affirmation of Faith

 The Parables Community:

  1. Has faith in one God who creates, sustains, and loves us all.
  2. Follows Jesus Christ, as our teacher, example, healer, and Lord.
  3. Believes the Holy Spirit is at work in all of us – inspiring, guiding, comforting, and empowering.
  4. Takes the New Testament as its guide for faith and living.
  5. Affirms that the Church is the Body of Christ of which each member is an essential and necessary part, working together for the common good.
  6. Shares the Good News of God’s healing and reconciling work for the world, and participates in that work.