Changing the Way We Do Church


It’s no secret that church attendance in the United States is declining. Many articles have been written about the “nones,” people with no church affiliation, and the “dones,” people who used to be very active in their congregations but just got burned out by the way that we do church. What does the church have to offer in this time where institutions are failing, where money is tighter for most families, where people are working harder and feeling more stressed, where many feel isolated and lonely even as social media expands?

We at Parables Community believe that Jesus teaches us a different way of living – a way of living in a community of mutual concern, of creating a meaningful life, of helping to make the world a better place for all people, and of resting in the grace of God. We start by modeling what we would like to see happening in the world.

At Parables, we try to create a worship service and an environment that is comfortable for all people, including those with sensory issues. We open up the social norms for worship. We think it’s more important for everyone feel welcome and accepted than it is for everyone to sit still and be quiet. It’s a no-shushing zone. We appreciate the gifts that each person brings to the table. What might seem like a small gift can actually turn out to be a huge gift to the community and to God. We are richer for including all people. At Parables, we all have the opportunity to serve God and one another.

The truth is, we’re not just creating this community for folks with disabilities. We are creating it for all of us. We need everyone. And everyone needs a place where they are loved and accepted just the way they are. Everyone needs to know that they are valued and can contribute. We make each other’s lives better.

So how about you? Are you looking for a place to belong, serve, and be encouraged? A place where you and your loved ones will be accepted and appreciated for who you are? That is the kind of community we are trying to create. We’d love to meet you.