A Playground for Everyone!

sway funElmhurst Park District is building a Playground for Everyone. This will be a wonderful park that is accessible for all kids – just ten minutes away from Parables Community. We are very excited! Please consider supporting the construction of this playground. Here’s a link for more information:


and a link to donate:


From their website:

“The vision for the Playground for Everyone at Butterfield Park is one of inclusion. Imagine a playground where every child can participate in all elements of the design. A place where children of all abilities can play, socialize, and dream together; fostering acceptance, friendship, and understanding through play. For many children with disabilities this may represent the only place in their lives where they can swing, slide, climb, spin and play side-by-side with their friends and peers without having to abandon their usual means of mobility.

Research on play suggests that there is a great need to provide barrier-free outdoor facilities so all children have equal access to building life skills that are developed through play. The interactions that happen at our playgrounds are a critical part of helping kids understand what makes every person unique.”